Judicial Recovery

The extensive experience and specialisation of the teams are our distinctive features, along with the ability to manage large volumes of work.

Our model of judicial recovery provides 360º management: legal management, court agent, back office, asset management and parallel extrajudicial management with the objective of achieving the collection.



Our legal management and litigation representation services are divided into:

  • Secured
    Mortgage, bankruptcy and legal clean up.
  • Unsecured
    Payment orders, enforcement, declaratory and bankruptcy proceedings.
  • Legal restructuring
    Civil and criminal proceedings.


  • Follow up of judicial proceedings
    for mortgages, bankruptcy, recovery of amounts.
  • Monitoring the activity of lawyers and court agents.
  • Monitoring of processes in the area of legal clean up.
    Administrators, possession agencies, locksmiths, etc.
  • Interdepartmental coordination of legal advice
    Instructions, measurement and compliance with SLA’s


  • Assistance to buyer or seller, in portfolio sales. Legal review and documentation of loans and collateral, and identification of relative risks: loans and their origin regarding the guarantor and with respect to the asset. Review of proceedings and average litigation timings.
  • Portfolio review, in terms of viability of proceedings and litigation impetus.

Relevant figures


Our management model

We guarantee the highest performance thanks to our tested processes and the application of the most efficient technology.

Our clients identify us as a reliable partner with a significant contribution of value, based our detailed approach and proactivity in our actions.

There are four pillars of our working method:

  • Workflow by client and proceedings.
  • Measurement and control of litigation phases through KPIs and SLAs for the definition of recovery strategies and prioritisation of lawyer’s tasks.
  • Automation of litigation pleadings and sending of communications.
  • Control and quality audit, measurement of daily performance of lawyers to achieve individual/team objectives, process efficiency and technical-legal level.

Phases of the management model:

  • Preliminary analysis:
    • Economic and legal factors and the client’s situation in order to select the most appropriate legal proceedings in terms of litigation viability and flexibility of resolution times.
    • Judicial organisation factors: analysis of court locations and jurisdictional criteria, together with the measurement of average times per jurisdiction and litigation performance
  • Once the proceedings have begun, all of this is subject to an exhaustive follow-up for each of the litigation milestones that accompany a litigation push.
  • Parallel Management, all the files that are in judicial management are managed out of court with the aim of reaching an amicable agreement. We have a team of specialised managers and lawyers, who work together with the same objective: to achieve collection for our clients.

Advanced technology

Flexible CRM developed by Lexer to meet the different needs and requirements of our clients.

Our powerful CRM is designed for complete claim tracking, some of its functionalities are:

  • Email linked to the CRM.
  • Automatic documentation upload and phase change according to the labelling of incoming documentation.
  • Automatic diary of deadlines and hearings of work teams.
  • Automatic alerts and litigation warnings based on lawyer/manager interactions.

What our customers value most:

  • Measurement of average litigation times, by jurisdiction and by proceedings, which allows us to define strategies to meet the objectives set by our client.
  • Report generation system with personalised design per client and service thanks to the powerful capacity of data processing and its conversion into information.

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