Welcome to Lexer.
By adding, we multiply!

Our work is based on trust and efficiency, making us responsible for our results and our professional development; if you want to advance, this is your path. 

We bet on people. 
Committed, flexible, proactive people, with a clear focus on excellence, quality and clients. We like to work as a team, adding, multiplying!

We’re betting on your development.
We invest in you, in your future, we create a space where you can develop your creativity, grow, share experiences; responding to the needs and motivations of each one of us. 

We’re betting on the future
Together we will build the future; innovation, commitment, results; we are passionate about our work! We are leaders, but we want more. 

We are committed to diversity.
We like people the way we are. Diversity and equal opportunities are our pillars; we are clearly committed to intellectual growth and equality. 

Our values

Our leadership in services and service is based on the values that inspire everything we do:


We work towards excellence. We are self-critical and non-conformist.


We know how to adapt, we face every challenge and situation as an opportunity to improve ourselves.


With People, with the Client, with the Organisation; pride of being, pride of being there.


We take the initiative, betting on innovation with a strong technological component.


Our reason for being, our priority, our success is your success.


We work together, and together we will build the future. By adding, we multiply!

We're not just saying this...
our workers will tell you!

  • “Lexer is the experience of shared moments, with professionals from different fields and backgrounds; Sharing makes us great, unites us, enriches us and is the great value of the Company. ”

    Belén de la Vera
    Head of General Services
  • “Lexer is a work philosophy; at Lexer I have grown as a professional and as a person, thanks to the people who have been around me, who have always supported me, managers and my team: “I am because we are.”

    José Vicente Espinosa
    Lawyer/Client Manager
  • “Lexer is not just a company, it’s a place where people are trusted and we bring out the best in each other, as well as the potential we have within ourselves and which we bring to all our efforts.”

    María Gil
    Lawyer/Client Manager
  • “For me Lexer is a group of people who, whatever their backgrounds, all arrived at the same place, having rowed in the same direction with the greatest effort, discipline and tenacity.”

    Miriam Martínez
    Collection Manager
  • “I appreciate the trust Lexer has placed in me, it has boosted my enthusiasm in my daily work, it has motivated my efforts; and with it, we have achieved our goals.”

    Paloma López
    Team Coordinator
  • “For me Lexer is perseverance, strength, constancy, commitment and work; but teamwork between all of us, made each one of us improve: working as a team is our success.”

    Mª José Rubio
    Team Coordinator
  • “Lexer was the company that saw me take my first steps in the working world; this experience has allowed me to grow professionally without losing the spirit I had when I started, work well done, and the teamwork and the camaraderie that permeates the company”.

    Rubén Gómez
    Process Manager

What are we looking for?

We are a growing, dynamic, industry-leading group, so we are confident that some of our opportunities fit your profile.

We are looking for people like you: people who are passionate and enthusiastic about their jobs, with a desire to work and grow and who will make this company a place where they can make a difference.

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What do we offer you?

Enjoy your work and develop your career 

At LEXER you will find the necessary tools, technological systems and support you need to achieve all your goals. 

If you grow, LEXER grows too,  

If you like our work approach, join our team. By adding, we multiply!