We manage more than 2,060,000 files and more than 241,000 claims..

Our experience and multi-sectorial know-how allow us to adapt to the needs of our clients and always offer the best service.

We manage all
phases of recovery

  • Tele-collection: Regularising payment through automatic steps
  • Recovery: Normalising debt with multi-channel management
  • Failed Recovery: Negotiating to reach a consensus agreement
  • Judicial Recovery: Mediate to achieve a negotiated solution

Our CRM is an excellent management tool that has a large number of features that give managers, lawyers and administrators a wide range of possibilities for optimising this management.

We have the possibility of carrying out our own development, which allows us great adaptability to adjust to the requirements of our clients or new management needs, with absolute confidentiality and operation in accordance with data protection regulations in the management of files.


All our portfolios are managed under a three-phase methodology: portfolio division, definition of strategy by segment and implementation of the management model.


Our model of judicial management of debt recovery, guarantees quality and efficiency in any type of procedure. We manage secured debt, foreclosed and unsecured assets.

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