Life never ceases to surprise us. We find ourselves going through an exceptional moment that we never thought would come and in which, out of responsibility, we have to spend our time at home. Although part of that time we will be teleworking, it is likely that we will also have moments to improve our training, play sports or simply try to relax and make this journey more bearable. For all these moments we share with you some resources that may be useful.


The General Council of Spanish Lawyers has created a special section on its website about the coronavirus. In it, in addition to information, special regulations and measures adopted, we can find useful tools for teleworking and online training courses.

The Bar Associations are also an important source of training courses. Although it would be necessary to consult in each case with the corresponding bar association for each professional, here we give you the correct accesses to  training for the bar associations of Madrid and Barcelona. In addition, the Madrid Bar Association has also provided some sectorial guides related to Covid-19.

It can also be a good time to improve your knowledge of languages. The Babbel mobile app is offering a free month of full learning.


–  MUSEUMS: La Casa Encendida has designed a special online program that will be renewed daily. In addition, museums such as El Prado, Reina Sofía and Dalí offer virtual tours.

TELEVISION AND CINEMA: RTVE’s  website offers free movies, multiple television programs and current and past series / eFilm is a legal platform for streaming film loans for public library users / Telefónica has made its Movistar+ Lite channels available free of charge to customers and non-customers until April 30th / Amazon Prime TV is also giving us 30 free days to test its film and series content.

MUSIC: The Football League has proposed a music festival with 20 well-known singers to be enjoyed online next Saturday / In addition, many musicians are offering free performances and concerts on their YouTube or Instagram channels / It should also be remembered that the free Spotify subscription gives access via the computer to practically all current music and that YouTube also hosts a huge amount of music.

THEATRE: the Theatre Documentation Centre makes available to the public the Theatre Library, an archive of over a thousand recordings of theatre performances available for viewing online and free of charge. There are also plays for children. 

RADIO AND PODCAST: platforms such as Podium Podcast or Ivoox contain a large number of original podcasts and, in the second case, also host radio programs from virtually all stations for on-demand listening.

BOOKS: Ebiblio is a virtual library for public library users. Publishers such as Anagrama, Planeta or Roca have also offered some of their ebooks for free.

MISCELLANEOUS: It is worth remembering that YouTube offers a lot of varied content with which to occupy our quarantine time. From DIY channels to repair or improve the house to others about cooking, sports to do in the living room or interesting web series.