A few days ago we participated in the Occupational Forum of the Faculty of Law, organised by the University of Valencia. An initiative that seeks to boost the employment prospects of students and promote quality career opportunities.

The evaluation of our experience in this forum was very positive. On the one hand, we had the opportunity to introduce LEXER to students who are finishing their studies at the Faculty of Law. We were able to tell everyone who visited our stand what LEXER is, what it does and what its areas of activity are. Likewise, we explained to them the significant growth we have experienced in recent years, growth in which all our members feel they are participating thanks to the career plan offered, and we invited students to apply to be part of that career plan and to develop professionally with us.

The students’ reaction was excellent, most of them were interested in LEXER to be able to carry out the curricular or extracurricular practices of their studies, since LEXER offers them flexibility to carry them out. In the same way, they welcomed with great interest the possibility of being part of our team in the future.

Finally, we had the opportunity to talk with the organisers of the event, UVOcupació, whose director thanked us for our presence at the forum, because we help with the training of students either through the internships we offer or when they start practising as professionals. Acquiring certain skills and professional experience can only be achieved through the commencement of professional practice and, in this sense, the internship agreement that LEXER has with the UV is an ideal framework for the development and application of the knowledge that students have acquired at law school.