The application of technology to all business processes is already a reality in many productive sectors, as a tool that provides better results and allows cost reduction while increasing potential income. However, the real distinction in the implementation of technological advances in the work environment is found in the automation of business processes, which allows for the optimisation and increase in efficiency and productivity of employees, while offering a higher quality service to the client.

Technological change has mainly been present in companies with industrial services or where major technological processes are carried out. Its incorporation as a new tool applied to business in legal services has been slower, but no less constant.

In this sense, at LEXER we have maintained from our beginnings a firm commitment to new technologies and the incorporation of processes and innovations that help us to achieve better results. For this reason, one of our proposals has been to implement a computer platform that allows real-time interaction with all the actions that take place in each file. In this way, a constant monitoring of the activity of the volume of work is achieved and the data can be updated and shared internally. The ability to adapt to new technology with this and other new services has allowed us not only to improve our work experience, but also our customer service.

Looking to the future, the technology used in the work environment can continue to contribute to the improvement of production processes, positively influencing employment, ensuring mobility, qualification improvements or equal opportunities. Likewise, the widespread use of technology in companies also ensures connectivity with the global environment in which we operate today.

Today, technology has become the basis of our way of life. It is only a matter of time before it becomes an irreplaceable part of the new business model we are heading towards.