Lexer has been recognised as one of the most highly recommended firms in the technology category according to the FT Europe Innovative Lawyers report that this British newspaper prepares every year to distinguish the leading European firms in innovation.

This recognition comes thanks to the JUMP platform, a technological solution developed exclusively for Lexer that allows us to integrate in a single file all the business areas of the firm: back office, judicial and extrajudicial recovery, consulting and real estate commercialisation.
Its main advantage lies in the capacity to fully connect the management applications with Lexnet as well as with instant messaging services, mail and Burofax providers, etc.

In order to speed up the entry of information as much as possible, this application is equipped with OCR reading technology and pre-labelling of documentation through the recognition of key words that can be defined by the lawyers themselves according to their needs. In this sense, JUMP allows us to automate multiple processes such as writing lawsuits or judicial pleadings through predefined templates and the automatic sending of mails, SMS and letters according to logical variables.

Other features of this management application created for Lexer are the possibility of knowing at all times the billing forecast, in addition to having elements which minimise human error and continuously measure performance to monitor user interaction in real time.

Among the main advantages of its implementation are the increase in business volume, the improvement of efficiency, the improvement and automation of processes as well as an increase in profitability and reliability thanks to the high level of accuracy of the data managed. At an external level, JUMP has allowed Lexer to improve the quality of the service provided and to offer more competitive rates, as well as to expand its service offering by incorporating new business lines and improving the degree of customer satisfaction.